Android TV opens up healthy aging and healthcare solutions for seniors
Jan 29, 2024 5 min read
Android TV opens up healthy aging and healthcare solutions for seniors
Jan 29, 2024 5 min read
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Seniors are turning to online and mobile apps more than ever, as they take advantage of digital solutions to make their lives easier and more convenient. Certainly, a wide range of apps are available for smartphones and tablets. But recently, apps built specifically for Android TV are making it easier to access solutions intended to produce higher-quality video collaboration user experiences on larger screens. 

Apps built for Android TV can help build better solutions aimed at seniors who are interested in using them for everything from healthcare and fitness to hobbies and even virtual travel. When apps are built for Android TV, users can gain a richer and more immersive experience optimized to run on an Android TV, including a larger screen. 

With available advanced tools, developers can build apps that optimize the ability to run on an Android TV. Accessing an app from a TV screen, in many cases, provides a more flexible and higher quality experience as opposed to an app that runs on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the possibilities that Android TV apps offer, not only for seniors but also for anyone searching for optimal video conferencing experiences and greater access for areas including:

  • Digital healthcare and wellness 
  • Fitness and lifestyle 
  • Interactive learning and hobby 
  • Virtual travel and events 

More seniors embracing digital solutions

Over the last decade, older adults in both the Baby Boomer and Silent Generation have become more comfortable using digital technology for various life areas, including how they access healthcare. A Pew Research study showed that more older adults have adopted key digital technologies in recent years. In addition, AARP reports that a majority of older adults surveyed said technology devices have become integral to their daily lives. 

Most seniors are gravitating toward digital options for their healthcare, a trend that is likely to continue. A recent study from PYMNTS-Lynx shows that 64% of baby boomers and seniors actively engage in digital healthcare activities. The survey further reveals that baby boomers and seniors report higher satisfaction rates for digital healthcare. Their data “suggests that older individuals not only embrace digital channels but also find value in them.” 

Benefits of using Android TV apps for healthcare 

The advanced functionality of Android TV apps makes the technology perfect for telehealth apps and solutions. Telehealth is already an appealing option for many older adults who appreciate the ability to access healthcare services remotely from their homes. A Journal of the American Geriatrics Society study showed that seniors report satisfaction with telemedicine, including the convenience and quality of video interaction. 

Android TV brings the quality of telehealth up to a new level, especially with the ease and convenience of a larger screen. For instance, the study, written by a team of researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, showed that although seniors appreciate the benefits of telemedicine, those age 75 and older were “significantly less confident about using computers or cell phones” for medical visits. 

However, Android TV apps give seniors the ability to access telehealth services with their TV remote, which can be more user-friendly than navigating telemedicine services with only their smartphone or computer. 

Consider, for example, a patient who has a virtual visit with their healthcare provider to treat swelling in their foot. It is likely easier for the patient to sit in a chair and point to their foot in front of a TV camera rather than trying to maneuver their smartphone or laptop to show the provider. 

Using a TV screen to speak with a provider face-to-face is also often easier than communicating via a smaller smartphone or computer screen. While younger generations are more comfortable manipulating a smartphone or tablet, older adults generally appreciate easier face-to-face communication, even if it’s virtual. 

More immersive virtual experiences on Android TV apps are also beneficial for other users who may choose telehealth. For example, telemedicine on larger screens may be a good choice for some homebound patients or people with restricted mobility. 

Studies have also shown that immersive telehealth services may be a good solution for individuals with chronic health issues who need additional support. “Many research studies have shown the value of using digital tools to support chronic care patients in their care plan, medication regimen, and tracking healthy behaviors, like weight management, diet and exercise,” according to a report in Healthcare IT News.

Android TV technology also brings richer experience for fitness and wellness apps

Seniors and older adults may also find that virtual Android TV apps can bring exercise, fitness, mobility and other programs to their TVs. There are a variety of apps that can help seniors who want to age in place by providing them with more at-home activities. 

Accessing fitness apps is much more user-friendly for older adults when using a larger screen. Android TV apps for learning skills carry cognitive benefits for seniors. Activities such as learning a new language, or perfecting a hobby are more immersive with Android TV functionality. Experiential apps such as virtual travel apps can be enhanced with higher-level interactions as well. 

High-quality interactive apps that run on Android TV also offer homebound seniors to engage and socialize in a virtual group setting while enjoying new pastimes or learning new skills. 

Android TV apps can provide seniors and others with engaging and high-quality experiences that provide a range of benefits. 

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