Add synchronous video collaboration for Android TV

Having issues adding a camera to your Android TV? Complex implementation challenges, the limited processing performance of Smart TVs, and WebRTC’s lack of optimization for low-power devices, make it no easy feat.

At Cordoniq, we’ve developed a synchronous video conferencing and collaboration solution for Android TVs that delivers a more immersive user experience, as well as cross-platform interaction between TV and desktop, mobile or tablet users.

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Embed your web app

With Cordoniq, you can embed your web portal, product or service into our native app framework to deliver users a unified video conferencing and collaboration experience.

Increase user engagement by incorporating whiteboards, annotation tools, multi-language chat, web sharing and more into each session.

Identical collaboration experiences are available on Windows, macOS desktops and iOS tablets and phones, as well. 

Control your
experience with APIs

With Cordoniq, you can use APIs to control every aspect of the video collaboration experience, including backend modules, storage of shared content, and privacy including how and where user data is retained.

For a complete list of programming languages, tools and programming platforms we integrate with, visit our Developer Center.

Private label your interface

With Cordoniq, you can private label the video collaboration interface by tailoring screens and menus, creating custom features, incorporating brand messaging, logo, color schemes, custom icons and themes, adding sounds and music, personalizing waiting rooms, and more.

You can also have the flexibility to choose your:

  • Product name
  • Domain names
  • Certificates
  • URLs
  • Terms of service and privacy policy

Stream to any device

Partner with us to deploy your app on Google Play for Android TV. Our solution works for consumer and professional-level Android TVs for brands including Sony, Hisense, OnePlus, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp, TCL, Toshiba, Vu brands and more. As well as OTT streamers, including Nvidia Shield, Amazon FireTV, Xiaomi, to name a few.

Go-to-market faster

With Cordoniq, you can take your product to market in as little as 90 days. We provide a working packaged APK for Android TV, that’s private labeled to reflect your brand. You can also leverage our existing cloud, or deploy to your own using our modules or containers.


Cordoniq provides ongoing app updates for new operating systems, TV models, webcam support, mobile devices and related fixes, if any. We’ll integrate your existing product or service, manage backend and cloud services, and develop any additional features and APIs you require.

Experience synchronous video communications and camera integration with your Android TV

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