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Next-Gen User Experience & Gamification

Cordoniq is the only video conferencing and collaboration solution designed with gamification, from the ground up.

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Deliver immersive user experiences

The Cordoniq platform fully leverages the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This allows our software to render more visual content on your desktop and mobile displays by offloading the heavy lifting of rendering videos, shared content, and media to the GPU.

The result is a more immersive and interactive user experience (UX) that isn’t limited by the components and widgets provided by a device’s operating system (OS).

By fully leveraging the graphics chipsets in your tablets and smartphones, the Cordoniq video collaboration platform can render better video quality consistency and display robust graphics to the user than is possible with conventional, one-size-fits-all video conferencing products.

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Create unique experiences

Tired of boring, boardroom video conferencing? With Cordoniq’s unique approach to the UX, anything visual is possible. Typical video collaboration solutions are not designed to engage the audience and since customization is limited, audiences often become bored and disengaged.

With Cordoniq, adding customized features to the UX to help capture the audience into your unique experience is possible.

Elevate your interactions

Now you can blend 2D and 3D experiences – including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and AI into your meetings, work collaborations, product demos, employee and client onboarding, support sessions and more.

Distance learning can be elevated to new levels that engage students by providing an “experience” that immerses them in the learning process. VR headsets and gamified apps can help create simulated, real-world scenarios in virtual learning environments. For instance, students learning a foreign language can use a VR headset to interact with shopkeepers in a virtual bodega. This augmented reality can be further enhanced with live, remote instructors to complete a thoroughly immersive user experience.

Imagine hosting your own virtual “genius bar” where clients can ask questions and get the expert assistance they need. Through the use of VR headsets, support staff can participate in live, interactive sessions with clients. These simulated scenarios can be further enhanced by blending in AI, creating a highly engaging and immersive experience.

Captivate your audience

So, while some generic video conferencing solutions believe you can’t be truly collaborative in virtual meetings. With Cordoniq gamified collaboration, you can begin delivering riveting collaborations with your clients, teams and prospects, today.

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Deliver immersive and interactive
user experiences

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