At Cordoniq, our software engineering team specializes in helping your organization build live, interactive collaborative experiences that integrate with your existing products and services.

Live & interactive Software

& collaboration

Where others focus on generic, boardroom-style video conferencing we help your organization create engaging experiences tailored to your exact requirements.

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Scalable video and audio encoding

Screen, multimedia and web content sharing

Desktop and mobile (Intel, ARM, Neon, DirectX, Metal, Vulkan)

Control over privacy and security

Comprehensive API integration

Public or private cloud installable modules and containers

OpenAPI support including Java and .NET/Visual Studio/JavaScript and Web developers

user experience

Is your collaboration product fully utilizing the GPU?

At Cordoniq we took a completely different approach to the collaboration UX by building our own stack around video game concepts and gamification.

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Trevor Niccoli

Most products or services just utilize the components and widgets provided by the OS. But most desktop and mobile devices have both a CPU and a GPU.

By fully leveraging the GPU (with DirectX, OpenGL, Metal or Vulkan) to offload rendering and decoding, Cordoniq is able to balance the encoding/decoding needs of collaboration on the CPU with the rendering capabilities of the GPU. This results in a more immersive user experience while improving energy consumption.

Privacy and security far beyond just encryption

Some products claim they are secure, but that usually only
means encrypted communications.

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The U.S. Military chooses our solution because we
are able to provide:

  • Installable containers for Linux and Windows servers
  • Private cloud storage of shared content, meeting recordings
  • Customer-supplied SSL certificates and wildcard domains
  • Control over cipher restrictions and TLS level for encryption
  • Consistent encryption across all devices (including older ones)
  • Complete control over the experience via APIs
  • Privacy over how and where user data is retained
  • Unlimited meeting rooms
  • Failover, load balancing and elastic scale

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Easy APIs that give you
complete control

Do you need complete control over your collaboration solution?

Cordoniq took an API-first approach to building a solution for conferencing and collaboration. Every aspect of the experience, both on the front-end and back-end is controlled and available via API.

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Control over the collaboration experience includes:

Easy to use

API Control




One-step integration

Additionally, our software development team works with you to customize the experience and add any APIs you need that are specific to your requirements.

Ready to create an immersive user experience tailored to your exact requirements?

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