How advanced video collaboration rooms can be a game-changer for enterprise teams
Jan 5, 2023 4 min read
How advanced video collaboration rooms can be a game-changer for enterprise teams
Jan 5, 2023 4 min read
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Problems We Solve Part 3 

In part 3 of our series, Problems We Solve, we discuss how video conferencing and collaboration solutions have created new possibilities for remote teams — from training and onboarding to new teamwork strategies. But for many distributed teams, standard video conferencing software doesn’t always create an optimal experience. For instance, when organizations need to customize sessions for specific purposes such as employee onboarding, client onboarding, or training, standard apps often fall short. 

Standard video conferencing apps also come with licensing challenges such as restrictions on breakout rooms. When apps limit users to 50 breakout rooms, large organizations can max out their licensing pretty quickly, so they resort to using the same rooms over and over. Reusing rooms can create security challenges because you never know when someone outside your organization may log into a meeting they’re not invited to. 

But with advanced video collaboration solutions that allow more customization, enterprise teams can deliver more effective sessions for their teams and clients.

Using advanced video collaboration technology for training, onboarding

Not all solutions can produce the type of high-quality session that is needed for teams, but innovative features can help create customized experiences that are a necessity when the majority of interactions with employees and clients are remote. Employee processes, from recruiting and hiring to onboarding and training, can be a more complex process. Organizations are faced with the challenge of providing equitable experiences and opportunities for their remote employees. 

Training strategies benefit from more advanced solutions for hybrid and fully remote employees. According to a report in CMSWire, “Investing in digital experience tools and technology to address the future of hybrid work and remote revolution is not only critical but practical.”

Meanwhile, remote interactions with clients require immersive and engaging experiences. Technology firm and management consultant clients are expecting more customized and elevated experiences. Enterprises need to offer these high-quality interactions starting with their initial meetings with clients. Enterprise leaders need to focus on digital solutions that allow immersive collaborative experiences for client onboarding.

“Organizations are evaluating the use of technology and training to deliver exceptional workforce user experiences, which are crucial to optimizing workforce engagement, productivity and well-being,” a recent report in Forbes notes. “People cannot engage, collaborate or work well together if they do not have exceptional user experiences.”

Solutions with video collaboration rooms that can be customized and purposed for specific uses and allow for document sharing and collaborative work, can help enterprises implement a variety of advanced strategies. 

Capabilities of video collaboration rooms

Advanced video collaboration platforms that offer customized collaboration rooms make it easier for organizations to provide interactive and fulfilling experiences to their employees and teams. It’s critical to use a video collaboration solution that delivers these innovative features. 

For instance, solutions that allow organizations to customize rooms for specific purposes can create more impactful sessions — e.g., HR onboarding of new hires, company-wide meetings, daily standups. They can also elevate client strategy sessions and client sales presentations.

An essential element of remote collaboration is giving all participants access to the content, documents and other assets they need for meetings. Features that allow attendees to save chats to their computers or the cloud can also help future communications. 

Privacy and security of shared documents must also be paramount, particularly in financial services, healthcare and other sectors that handle confidential information. As Gartner, Inc. notes, organizations must be able to guarantee and integrate data privacy, security, and compliance when their customer support teams share and collaborate on documents. Solutions that give organizations more control over rooms, participants, and access also add another level of security. 

Cordoniq’s dedicated video collaboration rooms for a customized experience 

Cordoniq’s premium video conferencing platform includes dedicated video collaboration rooms to give your organization flexible and customized experiences that solve many remote work challenges. 

Some of Cordoniq’s capabilities include: 

  • The ability to configure rooms based on your specific needs and purposes. Our dedicated video collaboration rooms don’t expire or use up license counts. 
  • Rooms that never expire can be preset for a particular purpose and prepopulated with your settings and handouts (examples: new hires, first time client meetings).
  • Content and presentations for onboarding or training can be set up ahead of time – no waiting for screen sharing and no need to rely on the presenter’s device.
  • Up to and beyond military-grade security protocols to ensure secure meetings and sessions to protect privacy, data, confidential client or employee information, and content. 
  • A unique Share Web Content feature allows existing web-based applications or services to be used within the meeting user interface, and individually by all participants. This feature eliminates constantly toggling between the video conference application and your web browser, common in other video collaboration solutions.
  • Creating interactive collaborations with whiteboarding, annotation, markup tools, chat, screen sharing, and document sharing in over 70 format types. 
  • The ability to enable a custom-branded interface to showcase your logo and other visual identity elements. Create a memorable experience for clients and help employees who work remotely feel connected and have a sense of belonging. 
  • A flexible licensing model can be tailored to your organization’s needs. 

To learn how Cordoniq can help your organization customize meetings, onboarding, or training, contact us.


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